Sunday, September 22, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 15 (Venice/Toronto)

Last day of the trip. Flight out is at 6pm so we have a few hours left in Venice before the trip is done.

The hotel that we are staying at has free of charge baggage keeping services. Otherwise we would have to bring everything to Venice and back to the airport.

As we were checking out, Allison inquired about the cost for breakfast because I didn't think it was included. Turns out it was! Woo included breakfast! A nice breakfast and the first which includes eggs.

We bought dinner last night, we got a kebob but I was too tired to eat it. It was still good in the morning. On the way to Venice on the bus I saw for the first time the ticket enforcers. The bus system works in a trust system where you would tap to pay when you are on board. Someone didn't pay and got caught. Also note that the local buses here in Venice have two entrances, one at the front and the other on the back. The middle is actually the exit.

We spent one last day in Venice. Wandered over the Rialto bridge, went to St. Mark's square and cathedral. St. Mark's is with a visit both during the day and the night if you can. During the day be warned that the crowds are insane. It may have to do with all the cruise ships that were near. I remember counting at least 6 that were docked. Note that St. Mark's cathedral does not allow bags inside. This is our first after seeing so many churches. There is a free baggage check just to the north of the building though.

We stopped by the same kebob place for lunch and headed to the airport. The bus to the airport costs 6 euro and gets to the airport in about 20 minutes. Arrives every 30 minutes on weekends, a bit more frequently during the week.

So ends the trip... Until next time.

Next a summary of my thoughts on what we did and recommendations based on our sights.

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