Monday, September 16, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 10 (Sorrento/Florence)

After breakfast we said our goodbyes, paid and then left. As we were heading to the train station it started to rain. In this country apparently it can pour for ten minutes and be sunny right after.
This will be a long travel day with the local train taking about 1 hour and the train to Florence being 3 hours long.

An interesting note about this local train. There are certain areas where there is only one track even though it goes both ways. This means that there are stops where one train will wait for the other train to cross before it can go. There are even stations with only one track meaning only one train can stop there at a time.  Make sure to validate your ticket at the booth. This entire time we thought it was sufficient to just use the card to get past the electric doors. Luckily we were never caught.
The train that travels longer distance in today's case from Naples to Rome can hit speeds of up to 300 km/h!

I still don't understand why Europe has toilets that you need to pay to use. This includes the McDonald's that we stopped off at for lunch.

We made it to the B&B (1900 artevita) but we informed them of the wrong arrival time (2:30pm). Luckily they had someone coming at 5pm otherwise we would need to look for a phone to call them.
The host was gracious even though we were late with no way to reach us. The room provided has a nice balcony to have breakfast or just relax. We were told that breakfast is in the hall which is strange but we shall see tomorrow.

We had dinner at a place called trattoria bbq. The food there was good. We had a homemade pasta, beef stew and a chicken roulade. All of which were very good. None were overly expensive. 10 pasta and 15 for the meat courses.

Tomorrow, off to try to prop up the leaning tower of Pisa!

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