Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 11 (Pisa/Lucca)

The breakfast included at this B&B has been the most impressive so far in terms of what it is included. There are four types of dessert snacks, three types of individually wrapped snacks, coffee, tea, juice, bread, cereal and even fruit. The weird thing is that it takes place in a communal hallway but I guess it is a good way to get acquainted with your fellow guests. There are six rooms in this B&B.

Today we head for Pisa. Allison spent to morning looking at possible poses to do while there and there are some pretty crazy ones out there. I wonder how busy it will be today. You can buy train tickets to Pisa from the central station of Florence. It takes about one hour to get there and second class seats costs 7.90 euro at this time.

The leaning tower and the cathedral are about a 30 minute walk from the train station. Just follow all the tourist looking people. Once there I was somewhat disappointed by the height. Mind you it is talk just not as tall as expected. There is no lack of people trying to prop up or push over the tower. 

Interesting area. The cathedral is also very nice and free. If you wish to climb to tower it is currently 18 euro with quite a wait depending on what time you arrive. We spent about 2 hours here. You may end up spending more time here if you did ask the other tourist attractions.

Since it was still early we decided to go to Lucca. It is a small town with a big wall around the entire town. From Pisa it is a short 30 minute bus ride which costs 3 euro. You can rent bikes and ride around on the wall in about 30 minutes or walk for about 50. 3 euro to rent a bike for 1 hour.

Thanks Mike for teaching me how to ride a bike. My butt thanks you.

There is nothing that it's a must see here. It is a nice small little town that people visit. There are tours to this town from Florence.

We decided to have dinner in Lucca since it is a 1.5 hour train ride back to Florence from Lucca at Madame Butterfly. We ordered the carbonara, ravioli, and scallopine all of which were good. Dinner was 24.50 euro.

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