Thursday, September 19, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 13 (Siena/Florence)

This morning we tried to book tickets to the David only to find out that the earliest time available would be at 4:45pm. It wasn't meant to be. Plan B, Siena.

The bus to Siena is located by the main train station. The rapid bus takes about 1 hour 15 minutes at 7.60 euro each way. Buses are about once or twice an hour.

We had lunch in main square of Siena. The latest square in Italy. It is nice. Everything in this town costs money as well. We paid to see the duomo. It has mosaic floors. Quite impressive looking.

We took the bus back to the station and tried to see David one last time. We got there at 5:40pm and they close at 6:20pm. We actually made it inside by 6:00pm. So if you have time, try to go at night. The David is crazy. None of the pictures do it justice. It needs to be seen and is well worth the price of admission.

We had dinner at a well rated restaurant. Finally ordered their steak. I thought we could do 2kg. Good thing the waiter said 1 is enough. It was huge and delicious. Lovely way to end of Florence.

Tomorrow Venice!

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