Saturday, September 21, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 14 (Venice/Murano/Burano/Torcello)


We took an early train to Venice today because we are only staying there for one night thinking that there may not be much to see here. During the trip there we meet a couple from BC who offered us a place to stay if we were to go there. I guess we have new trip plans!

Once we got to our hotel and got our footings off to Venice we went. We are staying at a hotel in Mestre which is one train station away from Venice. There is also a bus that goes to Venice. Both options are inexpensive at around 1.30 euro. It takes about 15 minutes to get there.

The place is pretty much as I imagined. A semi floating city by the water. We got to the information center and asked for directions. I saw a sign for a tour that goes to Murano, Burano, and Torcello. About 4.5 hours total at a discounted price of 18 euro instead of 20. I said let's do it.

The tour is worth the trip if you have the time. Murano is known in the area for their glass work. The tour includes a demo of how they make glass. One of the masters makes a vase and the other makes a glass horse in what seemed like under one minute. Very impressive stuff.

Torcello is a really small town. Not really worth visiting and was the point of the trip where someone broke someone's camera... I guess a shockproof camera is needed next time.

Burano is really cool. If you don't do a tour spend the money and time to get here. About 40 minutes away from Venice by boat. Known for their lace work which is interesting to see. The main charm of this town is that every house is painted in a different color. I mean every house. You can walk down a street and never see the same color or even the same shade. It is nice just to wander and get lost. We failed to find a house the same color as my shirt though.

Venice is lit up at night and worth a look. There is still no end to the tourist shops though. We took the water bus back from St Mark's square to the bus station. Costs 7 euro. Takes about as long as by foot but gives you a different view of the canal. A nice end to our trip.

Tomorrow we wander Venice a bit more before heading home.

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