Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 2 (Rome)

I will include a summary instead of detailed information on the trip from now on.

- Colosseum we booked tickets for online for 9:40am which includes the third ring and the lower levels.  Well worth the extra money for this.  This includes a 1.5 hour guided tour of the main/lower/upper level.  Very fascinating stuff.  The areas covered with this ticket were restricted to only individuals with these tickets meaning the general public does not have access to these areas, so it is easier to take photos without a lot of people in the background.  Do try to pre-book the tickets because the line ups are pretty bad.  Along with the 1.5 hour guided tour, we also spent about 1.5 hours wandering the main level which the general admission ticket for a total of 3 hours.  There is also a temporary museum in the second level which includes sculptures and historical items.

- Palantine Hill and Roman Forums were included in the entrance ticket to the Colosseum (all three are included regardless of if you get the regular or the guide tour ticket).  If you only have time for one, skip Palantine Hill and go to the Roman Forum.  The Roman Forum has much more variety than Palantine Hill, but they are both interesting nonetheless.  We spent about 3 hours here.

- Victor Emmauelle monument we were told is a famous wedding cake piece.  It can be seen from afar as a big white building with two chariots at the top.  I don't remember much about what was inside, but when you walk upstairs there is an option to take an elevator to the top of the monument for a very nice view of the city (7 euros).

- Teatro Marcello is a building that is built on top of a set of ruins.  Interesting looking building.

- 3 gelatos today!  I don't know what happened...

- lunch was skipped and we had a random snack somewhere instead.  Dinner was okay, the place had good mixed vegetables but my spaghetti alla carbonara has eggs that looked like scrambled eggs in it (unless this is what it should be like).

- Vatican City tomorrow!

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