Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 3 (Rome)

Woke up to be at Vatican City at 10:00am.  I didn't expect it to be so big and crazy.  St Peter's Basilica was pretty overwhelming as well.  Both took us about 3 hours each.  Yes, 3 hours EACH.  We really liked Raphael's work the most (yes, more than Michelangelo).  I would also recommend pre-booking this item if you are going.  You skip the massive line up.  Be aware that there are a lot of tour groups here.

- Vatican Museums (includes Sistine Chapel), spent about 3 hours here.  Very big museum, crazy amount of old sculptures and paintings.  If you are a fan, this may take even longer.  Take a look at the mosaics.  Some are so small, you can't tell they were mosaics.  It is amazing how some of the paintings look like they are real.

- St Peter's Basilica, we spent about 3 hours here as well.  This includes the exterior and interior.  Once you go in, you are just overwhelmed by the amount of things that are inside.  But I kept wondering how much money was spent to make the place.  Lots of things were under restoration outside unfortunately, so a perfect picture was not possible.

- Piazza Navona we saw this time during the day, it looks nicer in the day in my opinion.  Same amount of street vendors though.  People selling you art, photos, caricatures, spray paint art (which is pretty cool).

- Pantheon, when we compared this to what we have seen already, I would suggest seeing this earlier.  The inside doesn't look very impressive.  The outside looks nice though.

- Trevi fountain we saw during the day this time and I think it looks nicer during the day as well.  Still as crazy busy though.  Plenty of Indians (from India) trying to sell you a polaroid of you there.

- Castel St. Angelo, we saw the exterior and it looks pretty nice at night, not sure about the day, nor did we go inside.  Right outside to the east there is a little market we saw at night with shops and live music.  It was a nice change of scenery.

- only 1 gelato today.

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