Thursday, September 12, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 4 (Rome)

Off to Ostia Antica!  Ruins that are supposedly better than Pompeii!  I guess we'll find out!  From what we have seen, do try to make a visit, it is probably about 1 hour out of the city depending on how your transportation goes.  Here's how to get there:

- Get to Piramide station on Metro Line B
- Go up the escalator and turn left when you get to the top and take the train there to Ostia Antica (that is the name of the stop), the train you will be taking is called the Roma Lido.

Entrance I believe was 10 euros.  Well worth it!  We were there from 11:30am until 5:00pm and we didn't see everything there.  Depending on what you like to see you may end up being here for awhile.  Most worth mentioning would probably be the theater.  This isn't a place that most travellers seem to go since it was significantly less busy here than everywhere else that we have been to so far.  But every one there was clearly a tourist (back packs and Rick Steve's books are a good give away and us listening to Rick Steve's audio guide on the speaker phones wasn't helping us pretend not to be a tourist...).

On the way home we go off at Piramide in order to go see the pyramid outside.  Unfortunately it is under restoration at this time and all we saw was scaffolding.  Oh well... so we started to wander back to our B&B by passing through Trastevere which we were told by our host at Arches B&B is a residential place with good food.  We found a place to eat based on TripAdvisor and the food was pretty good.  Service could have been a bit better though.

Tomorrow, random wandering!

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