Thursday, September 12, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 5 (Rome)

This day consisted of random wandering around with no real plan since we have covered most of the main tourist attractions at this point.  We did however have the best snack that we have had so far, arancinis.  Think of a rice ball, with stuffing inside, deep fried.  Recommended by a colleague and unfortunately this was the only thing that he recommended for this trip...

- Piazza del Popolo is a nice square (although it is a circle) located just west of the Borghese Villa.  Nice area with two side fountains and a central one with an Egyptian monument in the middle.  Surrounded by what looks like at least two churches (there isn't a lack of these in this country, that's for sure).

- Borghese Villa is a really nice park with a zoo and a museum, both of which you need to pay to enter which we declined to do.  We did find a nice area to take a jog though!

- Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore we stumbled upon by accident and this is our favourite of all the ones that we have seen.  Everything is brighter and has a lovely look to it.  I would actually suggest this over all the other major ones.

- San Giovanni in Laterano is supposedly the church that most churches try to replicate (or so I was told).  This place is crazy!  The sculptures are out of this world.  And more painting that looks like they are real sculptures!

- Ciro & Ciro was where we went for dinner.  It was an average place, nothing special.  Good value though.

Tomorrow should be a dull day since we are packing and leaving Rome for Sorrento!

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