Sunday, September 15, 2013

Italy 2013 - Day 9 (Capri)

Capri day!

This morning for breakfast we got a dessert cannoli instead of the usual croissant. It was huge!! Filled with some kind of cheese and chocolate chips and candied orange peel. It is delicious but a bit sweet for breakfast. We chatted with the hostess this morning about Capri and off we went.

We took the train from Piano to Sorrento. But this morning there was no one there to buy our ticket from so we got on for free. I guess it will help fund our day to Capri because it is supposed to be really expensive. We got to the port and there are a few options to go to Capri none of which are cheap. The cheapest option which we went with ended up being about 28 euro per person. The boat goes to Capri at 9:25am and returns at 6:45pm.

This is clearly a place that everyone goes to from the young to the old. There is no shortage of people even at this cost. I was worried about how much the things would cost while there.
Ended up napping on the ferry there. The ferry is about 30 minutes long. The views from here are quite stunning and with the price of admission.

We stopped by the information point to get our bearings. The guide there assist provides information based on how long you have here. Based on our available time frame he suggested that we walk to the villa that was once home to Augustus and then Tiberius. The villa was huge and you could see a steep drop where supposedly they would throw off people they don't like. After that there was a walk to a natural arch which was really nice. From there you would wander the coastline to see Capri. It was a very good suggestion. A note to those that want to do this. This is not for people who don't like to climb up and down stairs. There are a lot!! Roughly 2 hours worth of climbing up and down steps.
After the walk we reached the main part of Capri with the fashion district. Including all major brand names. It was a nice little street.

Once finished we decided to take the bus to Anacapri which is the highest point on Capri. The bus ride is 1.8 euro and the chair lift is 10 euro roundtrip. Both are worth it. The view is superb.
If you go you may want to pack food since it is quite expensive there. Pizza is roughly 10 euro. By comparison Rome is about 7 euro and where we are staying in Piano is 4 euro. A can of coke is 4 euro.

The ship back was on time and we went back to our new favorite pizza one last time before we leave this city for Florence.

Florence tomorrow!

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