Sunday, September 22, 2013

Italy 2013 - Florence Summary

This is meant to be a summary of Florence, places I went, places I eat at, and recommendations.

Name: 1900 Artevita
Location: Florence.  20 minute walk from Firenze S.M.N train station (the main train station of Florence).
Cost: 364 euro after taxes / 91 euro per night.
Wifi: Included.
Breakfast: Included.  Available from 8am-10am, located in the hallway.  Includes croissant, bread, cake, juice, yogurt, coffee/tea, fruit, and cereal.  No kitchen access, use of a mini-fridge for storage is allowed.
Washroom: Private (toilet/shower hybrid, sink).
Payment: Cash or credit at the beginning of stay.
Would I go back?: Maybe, this is a bit of a walk from the main train station.  The shower is really small. The host was great though.
Comments: Host was gracious even though we were very late from the scheduled time of arrival.  Provides a map and detailed information on what to see and do.  Readily available every morning during breakfast time (he is present and there to answer any questions you have or any reservation you need).
Length of Stay:
Our duration: 4 nights
Suggestion duration: Depends on what you want to do.  I'm not sure it is necessary to stay in this city.
Comments: Pisa / Lucca is 1 day. Siena / San Gimignano is 1 day. Florence is 1 day.

Name: Trattoria BBQ
Would I return?: Yes. The food was good here. There is a coverage charge to eat here though (we did not notice this until Florence).

Name: Madame Butterfly (Lucca)
Would I return?: Yes. Recommended. Good food at a good price.

Name: Del Barone
Would I return?: Yes. Good sandwiches at a good price.

Name: Il Gusto
Would I return?: Yes. Very good food! Expect to pay a bit more though (I believe we spent around 60 between the two of us).

Name: Trattoria Carrozze
Would I return?: Yes. The steak was amazing!

Name: Gallerie dell'Accademia (11 euro)
Would I suggest it?: Michelangelo's David is definitely worth a look if you have the chance.  There is a crazy group of people who want to see this, so prepare to line up or pay to get in.

Name: Pisa (free besides the bus or train ride)
Would I suggest it?: Yes. It is worth it just to see the amount of people posing as they try to prop up the leaning tower.

Name: Lucca (free besides the bus or train ride)
Would I suggest it?: Yes, if you are going to Pisa. Rent a bike and ride along the old walls. It is very nice. There isn't much here in terms of must see attractions. Just go and enjoy this small town.

Name: Opificio delle pietre dure (4 euro)
Would I suggest it?: Yes! Definitely go have a look at this. It is unbelievable.

Name: Siena (free besides the train ride)
Would I suggest it?:

Name: Duomo (free)
Would I suggest it?: Yes. Have a look outside, I feel the interior is skippable.

Name: piazza della signoria (free)
Would I suggest it?: Yes. Go to see the sculptures.

Name: piazza Michelangelo (free)
Would I suggest it?: Yes. Provides a great view of Florence.


  1. Wai - are there any good lobster restaurants in Florence?

  2. We didn't try any seafood restaurants now that I think about it... I think we had fish one or twice. Try the TripAdvisor app for Florence. It has offline POI's and GPS navigation with the last 5 (maybe it was last 10) reviews stored offline as well (with pictures).