Sunday, September 22, 2013

Italy 2013 - Sorrento Summary

This is meant to be a summary of Sorrento, places I went, places I eat at, and recommendations.

Name: Casa Rachele.
Location: Piano di Sorrento.  5 minute walk from Piano metro station.
Cost: 220 euro after taxes / 55 euro per night.
Wifi: Included.
Breakfast: Included.  Needs to be scheduled between 7am - 9am.  The host (Rachel) will prepare everything for you.  Includes croissant, bread, cake, juice, yogurt and coffee/tea.  No access to the kitchen, use of fridge for storage is allowed.
Washroom: Shared.  Two rooms share the one washroom (tub, toilet, sink, weird european genitals sink).
Payment: Cash at end of stay.
Would I go back?: Maybe. This B&B is the hostess' house and she lives there.  The view is very nice if you stay at the ocean view room (which is smaller than the city view room).  Since the host lives there, you are worried about what you can/cannot do.
Comments: Hostess lives there and we felt that when we returned, we would just go straight to our room since the living area is usually occupied by her.  She is a great hostess and goes out of her way to help you out.  When we arrived, she provided us information on all the typical places tourist go, she provides maps, costs, ticket information, schedule, everything you would need.  She even accommodated for guest who normally eat cereal by going out to buy cereal for them.  She also typically joins in for breakfast, and she is quite the talker, so you may need to figure out your exit strategy.

Length of Stay:
Our duration: 4 nights
Suggestion duration: Depends on what you want to do.
Comments: Capri is 1 day, Amalfi Coast/Ravello/Positano is 1 day, Mt. Vesuvius/Pompei/Herculaneum is 1 day.  So, depending on what you want to do, you can allocate how much time you need here.  Sorrento itself doesn't have much, it is really just a hub for your day trips.

Name: Re Pizza
Would I return?: Yes. Highly recommended. Great pizza, incredible price. We went 3 times during our 4 night stay in Sorrento.

Name: Osteria Arcadia
Would I return?: Yes. Recommended. Very good food at a good price. We only went once due to the hours of operations (open at 8pm for dinner, closed Tuesday/Sunday).

Name: Amalfi Coast / Ravello / Positano
Would I suggest it?: Yes. Take the bus if you can, and if you do, ride on the right-hand side on the way there.  You should be able to do all 3 in one day, we did the first 2.  It will take a day to do all of them, maybe 2 days depending on what you want to do in each place.

Name: Mt. Vesuvius (tour was about 22 euros, about 3 hours total)
Would I suggest it?: Yes. Take the tour right outside Pompei Scavi station. It is awesome. Do note that there is a fair amount of climbing in order to get to the top of Mt. Vesuvius. During clear days, you should have good views of several cities.

Name: Pompei (about 10 euros)
Would I suggest it?: Yes. I know I was a bit hard on this, but if you are interested in ruins, this is a cool place to go to. Do expect a lot of tourists here though.

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