Sunday, September 22, 2013

Italy 2013 - Venice Summary

This is meant to be a summary of Venice, places I went, places I eat at, and recommendations.

Name: Hotel Ambasciata.
Location: Mestre (one stop from Venice).  5 minute walk from the city's main train/bus terminal.
Cost: 116.50 euro after taxes / 116.50 euro per night.
Wifi: Included.
Breakfast: Included.  Available from 7:30am - 10:00am, located on the first floor.  Includes croissant, bread, cake, juice, yogurt, coffee/tea, fruit, cereal, hard boiled eggs.  No kitchen access, no fridge.
Washroom: Private (shower stall, toilet, european genitals sink).
Payment: Cash or credit at the end of your stay.
Would I go back?: Definitely. Located outside just outside of Venice, cheap bus/train options to get into Venice.
Comments: Great service, allowed us to store our luggage there for the day for free.  Provided a map of the city (Mestre) which includes a map of Venice.  Gave us information on the routes to walk in Venice, where we could go with the little amount of time we had in Venice.

Length of Stay:
Our duration: 1 night
Suggestion duration: Minimum 2 days
Comments: We stayed over for one night, arrived early in the day and left in the afternoon the following day.

Name: Brothers Fast Food
Would I return?: Yes. The food was really good. Good change from pasta / pizza.

Name: Rialto Bridge (free)
Would I suggest this?: Yes. Famous bridge! One of the few attractions in Venice.

Name: St Mark's Cathedral (free)
Would I suggest this?:  Yes. Try to see this both during the day and night (although I feel it looks nicer during the day).

Name: St Mark's Square (free)
Would I suggest this?: Yes. Try to see this both during the day and night.

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