Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 - Manchester Vermont (Day 1)

Today was the trip to Manchester Vermont.  The drive down from Montreal is roughly 3.5 hours. The drive down from the hotel that we stayed at had a very nice scenic drive down.

This morning for breakfast it is hanging in a basket on a hook right outside our door! How cool is that? Includes croissants, muffins, yogurt, and apples.

On the way to Manchester we stopped by at a McDonald's to see what the prices would be like and it is crazy! $5 for 20 nuggets and somehow the McChicken is only $1!!

We got slightly lost during our drive down since the GPS doesn't like the address of our lodge. We are staying at North Shire Lodge which is at the end of Main St but for some reason the GPS thinks it is 2410 Main St.

The reason why we came down to Manchester was for the shopping. They have a set of outlet shops including New Balance, Banana Republic, Kate Spade and more. This was much more successful than our Woodbury trip. I ended up with a pair of runners and Allison got a set of runners and a bunch of clothes.

This is a very nice little town. But all the shops close at 6pm. We had lunch at the local gourmet deli shop and they had some really good sandwiches. For dinner we went to Ye Olde Tavern. We made it for 5:50pm. When we arrived we were waiting for a car to unload their passengers, which were all old folks. We joked that we were going for dinner at happy hour. Little did we know that our joke was true. Happy hour is from 5pm - 6pm. Dinner includes homemade fritters with maple butter (very good), a side salad, an entree, and dessert. All for $16!  Very good deal and good meal.

Tomorrow we will be heading to some smaller towns on the way to Sugarbush where we will finally go and do some skiing/snowboarding.

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