Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 - Ottawa (Day 1)

Well, I forgot how boring the drive from Toronto to Ottawa is.  We did see a lot of trucks and even a car in the ditches along the way.  There were cranes that were pulling some of them out of the ditch.

We will be staying at The Business Inn in Ottawa.  Located about a 10 minute walk from the Parliament building, it seems more central than I thought it would be.  This place is interesting.  It includes a kitchen!  There is a stove, a fridge, microwave and more!  Also, there is a COMPUTER with a printer for you to use!  Unbelievable!

Onto the reason behind coming here, Winterlude!  Winterlude is Ottawa's winter festival that is celebrated for a few weeks in January and February.  There are a lot of sculptures and winter festivities happening in the downtown area of Ottawa.  Today, we started with CHINATOWN!  Today was the day where they were having the lion dance parade at Chinatown.  I forgot how uninteresting this is.  The only thing that came out of this was that Chinatown is about 90% Vietnamese restaurants.  Oh, and there is some pretty cool graffiti there!  We went to the Confederation Park to see the ice sculptures and they are pretty amazing.  It is crazy what people can do with just ice and tools.  We saw the Rideau Canal and there are tons of people skating on the canal.  We walked along a bit of it and it is pretty cool.

Tomorrow, we will be going to Gatineau Park for a free snowshoeing event in the morning.  We will be heading to Jacque-Cartier Park to see the events going on.  And depending on how we feel we will skate along the Rideau Canal.  Which we learned today is actually a UNESCO site!

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