Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 - Ottawa (Day 2)

Today we go to try the included breakfast at the place that we are staying at and it does not disappoint!  There is a Nespresso machine, someone who will make you an english mcmuffin for you (sausage, ham or bacon) and you could even order multiple!  Includes breakfast cereal, muffins, croissant, bread, yogurt, cheese, hard boiled eggs and more.  They even have travel packs for you (includes a bottle of water, a granola bar, a pack of oatmeal cookies and some candies)!

Earlier I had registered us to join a free snowshoeing event at the Gatineau Park.  It was a good event.  They provide you with a free snowshoe rental (which is normally $7) and they provide a guide who will walk you through a trail and provide you with some information on what to look or there.

Along the way back, we went to the Jacque-Cartier park which is another component of Winterlude.  Oddly, this is located in Gatineau, Quebec (if you just drive across the bridge, it is there).  This place was AWESOME!  It seems like it is meant for kids, but I had a great time here.  They have several awesome slides there which are made out of snow/ice!  Some are meant for individuals and some are meant for you to slide down as a group.  There is even an area where you can ride down snowtubes.  All of this is FREE!!!

We came back and went to skate on the Rideau Canal!  The entire length of the canal is actually 7.8km long and it is a pretty cool experience.  Every 1km or so there is a pit stop where you can take a break and enjoy some of the winter treats like Beaver Tails and Hot Chocolate.  Cross that off my local bucket list!

Tomorrow, we finish up in Ottawa and head over to Montreal.

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