Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014 - Quebec City (Day 2)

Today, we explore Quebec City!

Before I go into Quebec City I thought I would mention that Vermont (at least the places that we went to) heavily favour locally acquired product.  Not to say that this is the reason, but every meal that we had while we were there was really good.

Quebec City, we learned from our hostess, can easily be done within one day.  If you have more time, you can explore the outskirts a bit too.  I was a bit skeptical when I heard this, so I guess we will see when go exploring!

The breakfast that was included this morning consisted of what I assume is different everyday.  Today we had a crepe with apple compote, iceberg lettuce salad and some bruschetta with feta and zucchini, all of which were really good.

The lower town of Quebec City reminds me of old Montreal or Unionville Markham.  It is a nice little area with unique little shops.  The upper area reminds me of the parliament hill area of Ottawa.  Both are worth a visit, how much time you spend there depends on what you like to do and see.

The slide area of the upper area is a must not miss area for me.  I think I could go down those slides forever.  It is called Terrasse Dufferin.  For $2.50, you can use the toboggan once which will go down an ice slide that supposedly can hit speeds of up to 90km/hr!

For lunch we stopped at Aux Anciens Canadien, it is a restaurant in the upper town of Montreal.  Between 12:30pm - 5:30pm, you get the following:

- glass of wine or beer
- appetizer
- main course
- dessert

All starting from $19.95!  The cost depends on what your main course is and if you want to change your appetizer (soup) to something else.  Good value!  While there, we noticed that some couples would just split one of these meals between them.  Here's my main course (grandma's treat):

Next stop, Carnaval!  This is just my opinion, but I feel that this is a really commercialized event.  $15 allows you to get in to see the Carnaval, which is an area that isn't as large as I thought it would be.  Compared to what I experienced in Winterlude, it would probably be roughly the same size.  You will also experience many similar things (slides, tube slides, ice sculptures, snow sculptures).  There is a parade that we were able to see which was okay (I realized that I am not into parades).  There were a few interesting things there, but I don't feel that it was worth the price of entry.  This is also due to how long the lines are.  After about 1 hour, we went into see Bonhomme's Ice Palace.  The outside of the structure is cool since it looks so big, but once inside, I found it pretty lackluster.  We waited about 1.5 hours for a sled ride, the ride itself was pretty fun, but I don't feel that it was worth the wait.  Even after you pay $15 for entry, they still charge you for some things.  A sleigh ride was $10, a dog sled ride was $10.  Mind you, you get to do some other things for free if you would wait, such as a ferris wheel or ice fishing (which is weird since you are fishing for tiny fish in a man-made pond.  Oh, interestingly enough, there were a bunch of people who were wandering around with plastic canes and I was really confused by this.  This cane was hollow and you were able to purchase alcohol and fill this cane!

We had dinner at Chez Ashton, which was recommended for it's poutine.  I wasn't too impressed with it, so I may be missing something here.

Tomorrow, more Quebec City wandering and to see the Ice Hotel!

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