Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 - Sugarbush Vermont (Day 1)

Today we head to Sugarbush Vermont.

This morning's breakfast included a frittata, a chocolate chip loaf and some fruit.  It was pretty good.

I had decided to visit a few places today before we made it to Sugarbush since we would be going skiing/boarding tomorrow.  While having breakfast, one of the owners there was telling us about a store that we should visit called the Vermont Country Store.  It is a nice little shop to wander and look at their knick-knacks.

Before we made it to the first destination, we found a McDonald's to eat at to see what the $1 McChicken would be like.  Well, it turns out that it is our Jr. McChicken.  That was a bit disappointing.
Our first stop was a supposed 'floating bridge'.  It is supposed to be floating since it is a bridge that had collapsed.  Little did we know that the bridge and the small stream itself was actually frozen over.  It was pretty cool to walk on a frozen stream.

We went to the Ben & Jerry's next.  Ben & Jerry's primary location is located in Waterbury Vermont.  For $4, you get a roughly 20 minute tour which includes a 6 minute movie about how they came to be and their history, a walk through the factory and a sample of their daily ice cream (we got to try Ameri-cone which was really good).  We learned that Canada has only ONE factory that provides Ben & Jerry's for everyone in Canada!  There is a small cemetery for some of the flavours which were terminated due to things like lack of sales or increased production costs.

Nearby there are other shops that you can visit such as Cabot Cheese Annex, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Cold Hollow Cidar Mill, Green Mountain Coffee.  All worth a visit if you have some time (all of them include free samples and don't include a tour, you just wander around yourself).

We had dinner at Prohibition Pig based on a recommendation online and the meal was great.  The service was excellent.  Recommended if you are nearby.  Sugarbush was just a short 30 minute drive away from Waterbury.

Tomorrow, we go skiing/boarding!

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