Thursday, February 13, 2014

2014 - Sugarbush Vermont (Day 2)

Today we go skiing/boarding!

The breakfast that was included was your usual continental breakfast (meat, eggs, toast, coffee, juice).  Nothing special.

We went to Mt. Ellen of Sugarbush today.  For $30, you get an all day lift ticket, live music, and a free appetizer (every Thursday).  The mountain is so large that there is a secondary lift to get you to the peak!  There is also a lodge in the middle as well for people who want to stay or a snack or drink.  Well worth visiting if you can.  The mountain was rated at over 2,000 feet high.  There is no night skiing/boarding here though.  So everything needs to be done during the day (9am - 4pm).

Afterwards we decided to visit the Racquet & Health club which was included with our stay at Sugarbush Inn.  Includes a hot tub, pool, sauna, tennis courts, racquet courts and even a rock wall!  Highly worth a visit if you get it included as well.

Dinner was at Hyde Away which was recommended by the receptionist.  The dinner was great.  We had the ribs and the lamb shank stew.

There is a lot of snowfall tonight, so we may need to reassess what the plan is tomorrow.  We were told that there would be a foot of snow overnight.  Originally we would head to Burlington and have a wander, but that may not be in the cards anymore.  We shall see.

Tomorrow, we head to Quebec City, which is the last stop for this trip.

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