Saturday, May 17, 2014

2014 - Finger Lakes (Day 1)

Another long weekend, another trip! This time we are going to Finger Lakes, New York. Another trip with others, Sharon and Tracey.

We head out at around 7:00am with a 30 minute delay at the Queenston border, we made it to Lake Effect Diner for breakfast at around 9:30. They had some good potato pancakes and was featured on triple d. It has a real diner feel to it (old, restaurant looks like a converted trailer).

Next we head out to Trader Joe's for some requests. Unfortunately these espresso pillows are pretty rare. They would be getting 2 cases tonight and hopefully we will get some on the way back to Toronto.

We stopped at Paula's Donuts. They have some really good cakey donuts for only $1! $5.50 for six, and $10.00 for a dozen.

The naval shipyard is pretty cool. $10 gets you access to two ships, a submarine and a museum. I thought the first ship and the submarine was really cool. The museum was OK and I thought the second ship was too gutted. CAA discount got us $1 off the ticket price, $4 saved!

Kentucky Greg's was for lunch and it was okay. Not sure why it reviews so well. By now, we have realized that we have driven around in circles. I probably could have organized the destinations a bit better, but that would mean snacks before breakfast, oh well.

We tried to visit the Griffis Sculpture Park but since it was raining we had to call it a night. Hopefully the weather holds up for tomorrow since we will be hiking all day. Based on the few that we saw outside, I think this place would have been really neat for photo ops. Another time I suppose...

For dinner we went to Louies Hanover. The place is located in Horseheads which is a short drive from our hotel which will be in Elmira (Holiday Inn). It was okay, nothing fancy although it seemed really busy.

Finally, our hotel for the weekend. We are staying at Holiday Inn at Elmira for 2 nights (Saturday/Sunday) and the rooms are roughly $100 USD/night and included $10 breakfast vouchers for the month of May which is nice. Tomorrow we will find out if $10 is enough to cover our breakfast!

Tomorrow's itinerary is to try to go to 4 state parks and one waterfall! I wonder how we will do.