Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014 - Finger Lakes (Day 2)

So unfortunately the weather is not cooperating with us so we may need to just hike the trails to see how it is and consider returning at a later time. There was a lot of rain recently and this has caused most of the gorge trails to be closed. The weather calls for isolated showers throughout the day.

With the hotel we actually got $10 breakfast vouchers and we were debating about whether it would be worth it. Well, as we walked outside to the car we saw a giant group of people doing a run on the road. Apparently there is some breast cancer run this weekend and it looked like it would take awhile before we could leave since the road is blocked so we ended up having breakfast at the hotel. It was okay. The vouchers did cover breakfast plus drink which was good. I assumed it would be continental so it was nice that it was ordering from a menu.

Onto Watkins Glen! Roughly a 30 minute drive from Elmira. If water would split rock, this is what it would look like. It is a massive gorge with a decent sized gorge trail. We spent about 2.5 hours there. We walk a mile into the gorge trail and returned to the start on parts of the south rim and Indian trail. This place was really cool. The beginning was great and then about 70% in it was really nice to see the huge waterfall. Worth it!

For lunch we went to Saigon Kitchen in Ithaca. Highly reviewed for reasons I don't understand. It is expensive, smaller portions than back home, and they didn't even get our orders correct. House special pho was $9.50 which was about medium in size.

To hopefully satisfy our disappointing lunch we headed to Purity Ice Cream just up the street. They did not disappoint. The bulldog crunch was amazing. $3 after tax for a single scoop which was pretty big!

We head to Ithaca Falls for a short stop which was close by to see the local waterfall. It was very nice. It is just a short walk from the main road. There were a lot more people than I thought there would be. Worth a quick stop if you are nearby.

Next stop was Taughannock Falls. Thinking that this would be disappointing after Watkins Glen, it wasn't too bad. There is a nice waterfall at the end of the gorge trail. How it worked out is really nice. You are in a shaded tree-covered trail walking alongside a fairly wide stream and when the trees give way and you look ahead, you see a nice open area featuring the waterfall with a nice area for you to take pictures. If you do the rim trails start at the north rim. There are a few scenic lookouts whereas the south rim did not have much. The gorge took us about 45 minutes. The rim trails was about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

For dinner we went to Just A Taste for tapas. Even arriving at 8:00pm, we still had to wait 30 minutes for a table. Mind you, we didn't want to sit in the patio since it was dark and getting cold. So while we waited we wandered the area a bit. It was under construction but it looks like it would be a nice area to walk around once the construction finishes. The wings were really good, the rest was okay. Not overall expensive at $18 after tax and tip a person which gave us 4 veg/bread dishes and 4 meat/fish dishes.

Tomorrow we go shopping!

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