Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 - Finger Lakes (Day 3)

Our final day. After packing and grabbing breakfast at the hotel we went off to Waterloo Premium Outlets. Our GPS got us a bit lost but we found it in the end. Total damage after 2.5 hours was roughly $400. A decent stop. Got a pair of pants, sweater, polo, and a pair of Sauconys for $80. It looks big to me, but may be about the same size as Fashion Outlets Niagara

For lunch we stopped at Magee Diner. Good food at very low prices. The burger was only $4 and it comes with chips. Oddly the toppings cost money, $0.75 for tomato and lettuce. This place was pretty neat. It is home to A LOT of cow related products. Toys, kettles, wallpaper, etc. It looks like a place that truckers would go to for food since the price is good and the portions are enormous.

One final stop at Trader Joe's to see if they had the espresso pillows and they did! Mike and Harold, you have souvenirs!

Allison suggested the Peace bridge for return and it was the better choice. Estimated time was 30-60 minutes versus 60-90 at the Queenston bridge. The wait was about 50 minutes.

The border for Canada always seems so rough. When we headed to USA, the lady asked how we knew each. My answer was friends. To which she replied just friends? So I said girlfriend. And she said all of them? And I said is that too little or too many? Thank goodness she had a sense of humor.

Travel back was longer than expected mostly due to traffic. Took us almost two hours to get to Mississauga. We had dinner at Sam Woo by Sharon's place and then headed home.

Another trip done! Till next time.

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