Friday, August 29, 2014

2014 - CNE

I have been coming back to this annually now and even though it doesn't change much each year, it is still a nice way to enjoy a day or evening.  This year, the admission price for weekday nights went from $5 to $6, not a big difference but it seems like inflation is creeping up everywhere.

To those who don't know, the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), takes place usually 2 weeks before Labour Day (first Monday of September) until Labour Day itself.  It is a fair, you have games, rides, carnival performers (saw the same acrobats as last year right outside the international center, caught some river dance inside), international center which has shops representing areas all around the world, sand sculptures, a farm, casino, and more!

This year, the new thing was Thanksgiving Waffle which is, well, thanksgiving in a waffle!  It turned out a lot better than we all thought (it even looked better than we imagined).  $10 gets you one and I think it is enough for two people.  We also got the chicken waffle which was $9 but nowhere near as good.

It truly does signify the end of summer for many since it officially ends on September 1, September 2 being the first day of school.

Enjoy some pictures!

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