Thursday, September 25, 2014

2014 - Peru Day 4 (Inca Trail Day 1)

Today we start the 4 day Inca Trail. After looking at many reviews and listening to feedback from friends I ended up booking with Alpaca Expeditions. It cost us $615 USD but it included 4 breakfasts instead of 3 and a porter that would carry 7kg which normally costs extra. It is also operated by locals so the money goes back to their country. Because there were 3 of us, I was able to negotiate free sleeping bags which are normally $20 USD. We also all opted to do the Huyana Picchu mountain which is an additional $65 USD.  Only 400 people are allowed up the mountain per day and it gives you a different view of Machu Picchu.

Alpaca Expeditions, 4-day, 3-night Inca Trail hike itinerary

Our first day was early with a 4:30am start time. We picked up the rest of the group and headed off to km 82 which is the start of the Inca Trail.

Breakfast was amazing compared to what I normally have. You get a hot drink, fruit salad, bread, and scrambled eggs.

Fruit Salad

We began the trip with some group pictures and we were off. I began this trip thinking that this should be a piece of cake since I thought myself physically okay (I do 5-10km jogs). While it was not grueling, it was still a lot harder than I expected. This may be partially due to the altitude, I was always gasping for air every time I was climbing upwards for maybe 20 minutes. But the scenery far outweighs the minor issues.

With people

Without people

The porters that are with you are some of the fittest people I have encountered. After every meal, you as a hiker just needs to get ready and go. The porters need to tear down the entire campsite, pack it all up and set up the next campsite before you arrive.


Me blocking ruins!

The scenery that you see it truly amazing. It makes me want to do more hiking in the future. Pictures won't capture what you experience. If this day is any indication of what is to come, it will be great.

Us with the whole crew (minus the tour guide)

The lunch included trout, corn with cheese, guacamole, mixed vegetables.

Dinner included fried potatoes, chicken in tomato sauce, plain rice, and an omelette dish.  As a bonus, tonight we got bananas flambeed.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the hardest day of the trek, guess we will find out tomorrow.

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