Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 - Peru Day 5 (Inca Trail Day 2)

Today we have the hardest day ahead of us. A crazy step uphill combined with a lot of downhill makes today the longest and hardest day.

En garde!

The 8 musketeers!

It is the craziest hike uphill I have ever done or will do in such a short period of time. If they told you how hard this would be, I bet there would be less people doing this climb. I didn't think I would make this one. 

We found two monkeys!

Once you get to the top of Dead Woman's Pass and look down at your achievement, you feel amazing.

Atop Dead Woman's Pass

Atop Dead Woman's Pass

Dead Woman's Pass, now with fog/cloud!

Breakfast was bread with a chicken crepe, a pineapple dish, sliced meat with cheese and hot drinks.

Lunch was fried chicken (amazing!), pasta, fried rice, and mixed vegetables. Bonus was a chocolate dessert with pears.


Dinner was a fruit cake (how'd they make cake without an oven?), soup, fried potatoes, mixed vegetables, fried rice, and lomos saltado. Bonus, we got a strawberry pisco sour!

Tomorrow we have an easier day since it will be all downhill.

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