Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 - Apollo Convention Centre (Ahmed & Jihan's Wedding)

Quote of the evening 'When two people get married, the man gives up his bachelor's degree and the woman gets her master's degree'.

Apollo Convention Centre is where our friends, Ahmed and Jihan, got married. Our first Indian wedding and I was excited to see what it would be like based on what we heard from some of our friends.

Apollo Convention Centre
The venue is nice, although my first impression was, 'there doesn't seem like there is enough parking here'. There is parking all along the parameter of the building and there is some parking on the second level (the roof) of the building. For a building that can support up to 1,200 people (according to their website), I assumed there would be more parking spaces (unless I missed some).

Allison and me!
There was a programme included at the dining table which gave us an idea of what was to come and it was nicely laid out. The food was nice. The food was served family-style where there would be dishes out on the table and you would take what you want.  In the event that you want more, simply ask the servers for more and they brought more.

Our table (12 of 33)

Programme of the evening

The part that strikes me as really odd is, did the bride and groom eat? During the evening, there is a stage where I'm used to seeing the head table and they have their meals when everyone else does. But, for this ceremony, there is no head table, there is a bench where the bride and groom sit and that's where they were all night (at least when I was looking).

Head table?

Jihan (left) & Ahmed (right)
It was interesting that this culture actually has an ending ceremony. At the end of the night, the bride and groom are walked out by family and friends as part of the handing-off ceremony where the bride is 'given away' to the groom. I was told this was because in the past, the bride may not see their parents since back then, they may be towns/cities apart. So as we walked them out, we took some pictures, watched as they drove off and that concluded the night.

I had a good time, thanks Ahmed and Jihan for inviting us to your big day!

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