Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014 - Peru Day 10 (Amazon Day 3)

Today we head into the basin before the sun is up.

Staying dry underneath a tarp
Lesson learned today, if it rains and you are getting on a boat, don't get on last. As Canadians and maybe inexperienced travelers, we naturally assumed that our initial seats on the boat would be our seats for the remainder of the trip. We were wrong. We were stuck at the front of the boat which is guaranteed to get wet. They do provide you with a waterproof tarp but it sucks having to hold it up. Luckily the rain stopped with an hour or so.

Fruit salad
We woke up early in hopes of seeing some animals so we head breakfast on the boat. It was fruit salad with some rice granola and yogurt. It was good.

Spot the caiman!
Sunbathing caiman
I didn't know it would be such a long boat ride. We are the boat until around 3pm.

I'm in a jungle!
Along the way we saw black caiman, white caiman, monkeys, tons of birds.

Our home for the next two nights
Lunch was packed again, we got lomos saltado.

Lomos Saltado
Since there was still some daylight when we arrived at the lodge, we went to the catamaran and tried to see the giant sea otters. We ended up seeing more birds and some monkeys. Better luck tomorrow!

Spot the monkeys!

I see you!
On the way to the catamaran, the tour guide showed us some things which shows how crazy mother nature is. There is a plant called strangle fig which grows around an existing tree and strangles it to death. There is a tree that has sharp points on it like a horn to defend itself. There is also a tree that has leaves that have thorns.

Look at these roots!
Dinner was soup, pork chop, cauliflower with eggs, and pasta. For dessert we got a peach pie.

Pork chop with cauliflower and pasta
Peach dessert
Highlight of the day was seeing the monkeys on the trees climbing around.

Tomorrow we go for a morning hike and in the afternoon we try to find the giant sea otters again.

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