Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014 - Peru Day 11 (Amazon Day 4)

Today we go for a morning hike in hopes of spotting some wooly monkeys and try to see giant sea otters in the afternoon.

Thorny tree
Praying mantis
Breakfast was fried eggs with sausage and usual bread and hot drinks.

Milo + milk powder, our best friend for the week

We're in the jungle!
The goal of the morning hike is to try to see some wooly monkeys. Within 30 minutes we saw a group of them, roughly 5. Monkeys are so cool to see in the wild. This particular monkey shakes branches in order to try to scare off predators which actually causes some of the branches to fall so don't stay underneath them! Our hike this morning was roughly 3 hours. After finding the monkeys, we spent a lot of time looking and understanding the local fauna here.


That's not dust, those are butterflies!
After the hike, we went back to the lodge for a siesta and lunch.  Lunch consisted of fried chicken with a bean puree and rice. During lunch there was a heavy thunderstorm and we were told that going to see the otters this afternoon would depend on if the storm stopped. Luckily it did. The weather here is so unpredictable.

Fried chicken with rice, salad and bean puree
After lunch we had an hour break before we went to see the otters. To see the otters, we had about a 30 minute hike to the catamaran. It took about an hour before we finally saw them but once we did it was awesome. We got to see a group of 8 which just caught dinner and was eating on a log. We saw them fighting each other for food and what seemed like drowning or choking. Awesome trip.

I'm a bird!
How many otters do you see?
After the otters, we went back to the lodge, relaxed a bit and waited for dinner. Dinner was soup, a broccoli lasagna with beef stew and corn pieces and to finish it off we got a hot fruit jam dessert. I cannot believe they cook so well in the jungle!


Beef stew with broccoli lasagna and corn
Highlight today is a toss up between the otters and the monkeys. Both were awesome to see. And as a plus, it was nice that we weren't stuck on a boat moving from one lodge to another. It was much more relaxed.

Tomorrow will be a long day to our last and final lodge which we will be staying at for 2 nights and then we head back to Cusco.

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