Friday, October 3, 2014

2014 - Peru Day 12 (Amazon Day 5)

Today is just a long journey to our last lodge of the trip. After an early breakfast of crepe with apple compote we head off to our next stop.

Our chef making breakfast
We're on a boat!
Lesson of today is, even if you are not in row 1 of the boat, you will get wet if it is pouring out. There are 4 rows for passengers and even in row 2 (from the front), since it was pouring, we still got wet.

These two really didn't want to get wet
Nothing of note during our boat ride to the new lodge. We saw roughly 3 capybaras and 2 caiman on the way to the lodge. It is weird, the first time you see something, it's exciting and everyone scrambles to take pictures and/or viewing it with your binoculars. After the first time, less people seem to care (it may be due to rain) and the boat didn't slow down for us to look. It took us until roughly 3pm to arrive.

Must be a relative of the red one I saw in Italy
I would like to say that, during all these long boat rides, there aren't actual stops for washroom breaks. If you need to go, you let the guide know, who lets the boat driver know and they just stop somewhere and you go. This means, if you aren't a guy, good luck. They do split the group up by gender, guys on one side, girls on the other, but it seems like it sucks for girls especially with all the mosquitoes!

I feel like a fisherman with these boots
Lunch was on the boat which was a chicken pasta with onion and trout salad. I really enjoyed the pasta, salad not so much.

Chicken pasta with trout and onion salad
Upon arriving to the last lodge, we were amazed by it's size and quality. It is a lot bigger than the previous ones, has about 20 rooms (all in one building instead of separate huts), a bar and restaurant. It also had power to charge your electronics which our last two places lacked, oh and hot water showers! Since there was still daylight we decided to visit the local lake. The lake was nice, we saw a lot of birds, and some sea otters again. Again, it's funny how the tour guide and group were so excited about seeing sea otters the other day, but today, it was just 'oh, sea otters'.

Dubbed turkey bird by us since they remind us of turkeys
We left the lake when it got dark and headed back to the lodge for dinner. Dinner was soup with spaghetti bolgnese.

Tomorrow we head to the macaw clay lick in the morning and go to the observation tower in the afternoon.

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