Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 - Peru Day 14 (Amazon Day 7)

With a 4:45am breakfast time we knew today would be a long travel day. This is our last day in the Amazon (thankfully, we return to civilization, hot water, no bugs). Our expected arrival time to Cusco is 6pm!

Breakfast was just scrambled eggs with bread and hot drinks. At this point our group has gone through almost 2 containers of Milo.

The sun covered by the morning fog
Watching the sunrise in the Amazon is a great way to start the day. Looking at the sky change from black to orange to red is fantastic. As well as watching the mist slowly disappear from the treetops is just so cool.

The morning Amazonian fog
Our trip back consists of a 2.5 hour boat ride, 1 hour taxi ride, 15 minute boat ride and an 8 hour bus ride. Shortly after we got on the bus, we had lunch at what looked like an abandoned building. Weird, since the building looked new. Lunch was two sandwiches, one with just cheese, one with just cheese and meat, a chicken thigh, and some snacks.

And here I thought we had a lot of sorting
On our way back I think we angered the older Holland people again which is pretty funny. The man wanted to stop for some llamas and we did, but instead of getting photos of just the animals, we wanted to get photos with them, which ended up being us chasing away the llamas disrupting his photos. Oh well.

Tired after chasing a llama
The views on the bus ride back are actually really nice, lots of mountains, lots of farms, some animals, but a lot of what we have already seen. To get back to Cusco, we took the Interoceanic highway which goes from the Pacific to the Atlantic (Peru to Brazil) which is pretty cool. While on the highway, we did notice a lot of construction since the highway is fairly new. Also, since it is built on the mountain-side, it is prone to rock slides and there are certain areas of the highway blocked off due to this. Kushka cafe was on the dinner menu again. We got the Alpaca steak and beef loin.

Our last meal at kushka cafe
Our new hotel is Wifala Themetic Hotel. This place is awesome. The room is smaller than Wara Wara but each room is themed, ours being the Nasca lines. The washroom is awesome, waterfall shower! There is even a hot water bag in the bed to keep you warm! And there is consistent hot water! The downside is that it is a roughly 20 minutes walk from the main square.

Cusco's Plaza De Armas by night
Tomorrow is our last full day in Cusco. We will be souvenir shopping, meeting up with some of the friends from our Amazon trip for lunch and going to the planetarium.

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