Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014 - Peru Day 18 (Lima / Toronto)

Today is our final day of the trip and we spend it with an early start heading back to Toronto.  With a 9:25am international flight, this meant that we had to get to the airport 3 hours ahead (better safe than sorry).  It cost us 50 soles to get to the airport through the taxi that is owned by the hotel (I guess they provide their own services before reaching out to other taxi companies).

I traveled to USA?
The driver took us through the scenic route to the airport which is nice.  This allowed us to get a view of the coastline before heading home.  The view of the coast is very nice, although at 5:45am, there really isn't much to see, but somehow there was already a surfer getting ready to hit the waves, crazy!  Oddly, by the time we were close the airport, there was already traffic there and the number of people waiting to check-in was pretty insane (we arrive at around 6:30am).

Our breakfast bags, since we ate our breakfast already
The flight out from Lima wasn't bad.  We were provided breakfast which was an omelette with bread and fruit. Although, all the flights on our trip did not have personal entertainment systems (screens in front of you), instead they all have shared ones where you have no control over what is shown which seems weird to me in this day and age. I never really watched anything on the screens, I always just had it on the screen that shows me where the plane is and how much longer till we arrived.

Mr Chips?
Switching flights in USA is always fun.  We are required to clear customs (easy), get our bags and re-check them in (odd), and go through security (long wait).  It took us roughly an hour to transfer, thank goodness our layover was 3 hours, if it was an hour, we wouldn't have made it.

Skytrain in Miami (it smells)
With our layover in Miami, we got to ride the skytrain that I wanted to when we fly to Peru! After riding it, I would say avoid it, it smells and isn't very fast. We ate at the Wendy's at the airport since we wouldn't arrive to Toronto until 11pm and we hung around the charging station (this is genius by the way). The charging station is a hub/advertising panel that allows travelers to charge their devices (there are roughly 6 AC outlets and 4 USB outlets).

Flight back to Toronto, nothing special, it felt long, still can't sleep very well on a plane.  Allison was able to lie down since we had an empty seat in our side. From plane to airport exit, took us roughly 30 minutes, not too shabby!

All in all, Peru, specifically Cusco based on our experience, is a wonderful place to visit.  Know that you will be cheated, so haggle as much as you can or think you can get away with.  The culture and scenery is amazing.  If we went back, we'd try to visit some of the areas that we missed out (Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, to name a few).

I'll put together a trip report shortly.

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