Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sho Ryu Ken Ramen (Oct 10 2014)

A new ramen shop has opened up in Allison's area and we decided to pay them a visit!  By this date, they have been open for 4 days so I assumed that they would have fixed any issues that they would have by now.  I was wrong.

The restaurant is a play on the name of a move in the video game Street Fighter.  As such, they even have painting up that depict Street Fighter characters doing something with ramen (whether cooking or eating).

Street Fighter Ramen Art
The prices are reasonable at $9.80 for the normal Tonkotsu ramen, add $1.00 for a soy based version of the tonkotsu or get one that is spicy.  We ordered the regular tonkotsu ramen and the spicy version of the same thing.  For reasons unknown to me, it took 30 minutes before we got our meal.  The restaurant barely holds 40 people, so I thought the orders would go by pretty quickly but I was wrong.

Spicy Tonkotsu
The dumplings seem like potstickers that I could buy frozen from a grocery store instead of hand-made on site.  The ramen was disappointing.  I'm not sure where they are imported from, but they are nothing special.  The soup base lacked flavor, and the two pieces of chashu that we got were VERY fatty.  My $1.00 meant that I got a spoonful of hot sauce with my tonkotsu.  They don't mix it in, isn't a different soup base, it is just the regular tonkotsu with a spoon of hot sauce!

We arrived at the restaurant at around 7:50pm which I thought was late, but we still had to wait around 10 minutes to be seated.  By the time we got our order (8:30pm), the restaurant was already sold out of ramen for the day.

Verdict: I would not recommend coming here and I don't see it lasting very long.

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