Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 - Scarborough Convention Centre (Anojan and Kaja's wedding)

My second brown wedding and it happened within a span of a month!  This one will be with our friends, Anojan and Kaja, and will be held at the Scarborough Convention Centre.


First of all, let me say that this location needs to invest some money in some proper signage because if you did not know the exact address, you probably wouldn't find this place.  It is situated in an industrial area and it is deep inside so it is a bit hard to find if you were looking for signs to direct you.

Podium for the bride/groom
Now that that is out of the way, the convention centre itself is very nice.  Lots of chandeliers although the colour itself could be better.  The lights give off a very orangey colour which ruined a few of my pictures.  It was very nicely decorated and the ceremony itself was very long but at the same time, very interesting.

A crepe-like appetizer which comes with a sauce like condensed milk and something spicy
The ceremony seemed to last roughly 2 - 3 hours long with a lot of different things happening.  There was an outfit change for the bride, there was a gold necklace ceremony, exchanges of leis (rings of flowers), swapping of reed rings (yes, they had rings made out of what looks like reed), putting on toe rings, circling of fire and probably more that I missed out on.

Kaja (bride)
Lei exchange

Toe ring ceremony
It was a morning ceremony and lunch was included and the included lunch was nice although too spicy for us (it doesn't take much spice to scare us).

Us with the bride and groom
All-in-all, a really nice ceremony at a nicely decorated hall.  I look forward to the reception which is scheduled for next year!

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