Monday, April 6, 2015

Future POIS - Autobahn [Germany]

The autobahn, for those who don't know, this is the highway system in Germany that has NO SPEED LIMIT.  Well, technically that is correct, since there are a large amount of sections that don't have a speed limit, but there are areas that do (due to it being in a urban areas, accident prone areas, etc).  However, outside of these areas, there is a 'suggested speed limit' of 130 km/hr (81 mph) but it is generally not enforced.

Autobahn network (from Wikipedia)
The autobahn was conceived in the mid 1920s but never really took off until the Nazis took over.  Adolf Hitler eagerly backed the project.  Although it is often assumed that it was built for military purposes in mind, that is false since it was cheaper to transport cargo by train instead of by car.

General numbering system of the autobahn (from wikipedia)
The highways are numbered A blank number, where single digits are for those that go across Germany.  Shorter ones have double digits are regional ones. Even shorter ones have triple digits. In general, the autobahn numbers increase from west to east and from north to south.

Sign to indicate 'no speed limit' (from wikipedia)
Some interesting stats, the autobahn network is about 12,917 km (8,026 miles) in 2014.  There are roughly 16,000 emergency phones along it.  The autobahn was the first high-speed road network in the world when the first section from Frankfurt to Darmstadt opened in 1935.

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