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Future POIs - Heroes' Square (Hősök tere) [Budapest, Hungary]

I have only been to Italy in Europe (my one day in Paris I don't count) and it has a large number of squares and it seems like other European countries are like this as well.

Heroes' Square during the day (Courtesy of Wikipedia)
The Heroes' Square looks neat based on the images and it would be good to understand what the significance is behind all the statues and the square itself.

Construction began in 1896 to commemorate the thousandth anniversary of Hungary (like the Fisherman's Bastion) and it finished in 1900.

Archangel Gabriel (Courtesy of
At the very front of the monument (before the column), there is a large stone cenotaph (an empty tomb).  The statue atop the column is of the archangel Gabriel with the Holy Crown of St Stephen in his right hand and a double barred cross in his left which was given to St Stephen for his efforts in converting Hungary to Christianity. Surrounding the column are the seven Magyar chieftians who founded Hungary.

Topping the two colonnades from left to right are a statue of a man with a scythe and a woman sowing seed which represent Labor and Wealth.  A male riding a chariot with a snake as a whip representing War.  A statue of female in a chariot representing Peace.  And lastly a man and woman representing Knowledge and Glory.

Heroes' Square at night (Courtesy of
The statues within the colonnades are kings and import historical figures which are too detailed for me to write about but they are as follows.  The statues within the left colonnade are as follows, Stephen I, Ladislaus I, Coloman, Andrew II, Béla IV, Charles I, and Louis I.  The statues within the right colonnade are as follows, John Hunyadi, Matthias Corvinus, István Bocskay, Gabriel Bethlen, Imre Thököly, Francis II Rákóczi, and Lajos Kossuth.

Neat fact, there is a square just like this one in Shanghai.

Do come by during the day and at night for a different look at the square.

Come back next Monday for another Future Point of Interest!

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