Friday, May 8, 2015

Past POIs - Montmorency Falls [Quebec City, Quebec]

During a winter trip to Quebec City, we stopped by Montmorency Falls and it is pretty cool to see falls during winter time.

Base of Montmorency Falls (everyone is on the frozen falls).
The falls are 84 meters (275 ft) high and 46 meters (150 ft) wide making it the highest in Quebec and 30 meters (98 ft) higher than Niagara Falls!

View from the suspension bridge.
It is part of a national park (Montmorency Falls Park) and within the area, there is a suspension bridge, two sets of stairs going to the base and an aerial tram that brings people from the base to the top of the falls all give you different perspectives of the falls itself.

View of one of the sets of stairs (you can see the bottom is completely covered).
During the winter, there is a hump that is created by the mist of the falls which we went sliding down which was a lot of fun.

Ice climbers!
Make sure to come back next Friday for another Past Point of Interest!

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