Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 - Asheville/Atlanta Day 4 (Asheville, North Carolina)

Breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express was better than the Best Western.  You got scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, a pancake maker, yogurt and Greek yogurt, cereals, fresh fruit, and sausages.  I'm sensing a pattern here, maybe tomorrow's hotel will be even better!

Breakfast at Holiday Inn Express.
Linville Falls is split into two areas the upper park and the lower park. The upper park is ranked as moderate and the lower park is ranked as strenuous. I would say it took us 1 hr 20 min for the upper and 1 hr 40 min for the lower part.

View at Linville Falls.
Both are worth doing. If you are shortening your trip I would say do Erwin's and the plunge basin. If you do the basin make sure you keep going after you hit the rock at the very bottom. To the right is another trail and it leads you to the waterfalls.  Again, we lucked out and there was only one set of people when we got to the plunge basin and enjoyed the area and got some photos without any tourists in the background.

Me at the bottom of Linville Falls.
For lunch we ended up at Spear's BBQ & Grill in Linville Falls, North Carolina which was just a short 10 minute drive from the Linville Falls trail.  Ordered the half rack of ribs ($10), hush puppies ($2.50) and the jumbo BBQ sandwich ($8.75).  All of which were good.

Jumbo BBQ Sandwich.
Ribs and Hush Puppies.
Stopped by the Asheville Outlets and it was a bit disappointing.  Maybe down the road when all the shops are in place it will be better.  The food court only has one restaurant so far.

For dinner we stopped at Nine Mile in Asheville, North Carolina for some Carribean food.  I ordered the One Foundation which I think had too many things and flavours going for it but Allison liked her Concrete Jungle.  I was probably too adventurous at this one, but based on Allison's feedback, I'd suggest stopping by.

One Foundation.
Concrete Jungle.
Tomorrow, we head to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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