Monday, June 1, 2015

Future POIs - Elora Gorge [Elora, Ontario]

This is a place that I have heard about from my manager and I figured that I would go here eventually.  Hopefully we can squeeze it in as a day trip this summer.  It shouldn't be an issue since it is only an hour and a half away from Toronto (116 km).

Elora Gorge is one of the conservation areas maintained by the Grand River Conservation Authority.  There are plenty of activities that you can do including canoeing, fishing, hiking, cycling, tubing and they even have a splash pad.  I think the primary reason people go here is for the tubing which doesn't seem too expensive (you can rent the helmet and life jacket, but the tube itself is only $15 for what seems to be the entire day).  Do check their website for details on if it is open or not though.

Come back next Monday for another Future Point of Interest!

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