Monday, August 31, 2015

Future POIs - Duquesne Incline [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA]

The Duquesnes Incline, built in 1877, is an incline that was built to carry cargo up and down Mt. Washington when it was originally made but later on, it carried passengers up and down.  It was actually one of many inclines that were originally built but only the Duquesnes and Monongahela Inclines exist today.

From wikipedia
It is 794 feet long, 400 feet high, at a 30.5 degree angle, can travel up to 6 miles per hour, carrying up to 18 passengers per car.  It costs $47,000 to build and actually uses the original passengers cars which are over 100 years old.  You are able to buy a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket (which oddly there is no discount).  Open 365 days a year from morning until past midnight, check their website for details for the times.

From wikipedia
Like the National Aviary, the Duquesnes Incline is actually owned and operated by a non-profit organization after, in this case, the original owners decided to close the Incline due to low amounts of visitors and having major repairs that needed to be made.  When this happened, a group of individuals from the area raised enough funds to purchase it and it still operates today under them.

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