Monday, September 7, 2015

Future POIs - Pymatuning State Park [Jamestown, Pennsylvania, USA]

In USA, there are so many roadside attractions that I find that I look forward to this stops instead of the actual purpose of the trips that we are going to sometimes.  Enter Pymatuning State Park.

From Facebook Page
The reason to visit is the spillway.  It is said that the fish here are so plentiful that 'ducks walk on the fishes'.  People come from far and wide to come and feed the fishes here since carp amass near the spillway.  The reason behind the saying is because of how the fish and ducks will both fight for the bread that is tossed in by the visitors.

From Facebook Page
Pymatuning State Park is an enormous park covering 21,122 acres and actually spans Pennsylvania (who has 3/4) and Ohio (who has 1/4) of the state park.  It is the largest state park in Pennsylvania.  While I would like to spend time exploring the state park, I'm not sure that we will see too much other than the spillway although there is a fish hatchery nearby that may be worth a visit if you are in the area.

Come back next Monday for another Future Point of Interest!

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