Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2015 - Eastern Europe Day 02 (Munich)

Today we decided to check out the breakfast at the hotel and it was quite the breakfast buffet. There was a bread table, at least 5 different meats, 10 different cheeses, 5 different juices, 2 smoothies, lots of fruit, 5 minute and 10 minute hard boiled eggs, 5 types of yogurt, fresh fruit and more. Only 10 ‎€! We might end up back here more often than expected.

Assorted juices, milks, and waters (still and sparkling).
Huge variety of cereals, grains, nuts, and more.
Variety of fishes, meats, veggies.
Wieners, meatloaf, and pretzels.
Assorted cheeses.
Bread table.
The hotel actually sells tram tickets as well, so that was nice. 11,70 ‎€ covers up to 5 adults for unlimited travel within the inner city for one day. Our goal today is to visit the city center again and the Residenz.

Our first stop after arriving was Church of St. Peter. It costs 2 ‎€ to climb up the tower and it is worth the stop. The stairwell is a bit tight at the beginning but opens up afterwards. It provides you with a panoramic view of the surrounding area include Marienplatz. When we were there, we decided that we would head down to the square to watch the glockenspiel instead of up above. The glockenspiel show lasted about 10 minutes and it was neat to see. There were a lot of people here to watch the show. It is free and happens every day at 11:00am.

New Town Hall from Church of St. Peter.
Viktualienmarkt from Church of St. Peter.
Inside Church of St. Peter.
Next stop, the Residenz Museum. We stayed here for about two hours and I thought it was very neat to see. There were a lot of really nice rooms, lots of tapestries, paints, sculptures and more if you are into those types of things. With our two hours, we wandered through the entire museum and we weren't rushing through it. Depending on your schedule, I would recommend looking into the 14-day castle pass. It cost 24 ‎€ for one person or 44 ‎€ for two people and gives you access to over forty castles/sights in Bavaria. This was a no brainer for us since we were going to see Residenz Museum (13 ‎€ for museum/treasury/theater), Neuschwanstein Castle (12 ‎€), Linderhof (8,50 ‎€), and Nymphenburg (11,50 ‎€ for palace/park palaces/museums).

Exterior and main entrance of Residenz Museum.
Great Hall.
Great Hall.
This is not a painting but a tapestry.
Stucco ceiling.
Ornately decorated table base that nobody probably sees.
Top of the table.
Shiny makeup table?
Close up of makeup table?
That may look like wallpaper, but it is actually a carpet that they used as wallpaper.
Portrait room!
Someone's bedroom.
Mirror room. Those small specks of blue are actually porcelain vases.
Gold gilded stucco hallway.
After the Residenz museum, we headed to Hofbrauhaus, the famous beer garden of Munich. You sit yourselves and ask for an English menu (although for some reason, daily specials are not in English nor did the waiter try to translate it for us). The food was good, the knuckle was larger than last night, the beer tastes the same to me. We got a large pretzel for 3,70 ‎€ and the girls had a blast taking pictures with it and the beer (we ordered a 1 L beer). We also order goulash and wieners. Ended up being 45 ‎€.

Me with a giant pretzel and 1 L beer (#2).
Pork knuckle with potato dumpling.
Wieners and scalloped potatoes.
Goulash with bread dumpling.
We returned to do the Residenz treasury next. This was okay, not as interesting as the museum in my opinion but it may be because I'm not as interested in jewelry. There are some very interesting pieces, make sure to get the audio guide for the full experience since there are no descriptions of items, just an audio guide number. The audio guide is free anyways and it has a loud speaker, so you can just share it. There are ten rooms, so you can judge your time based on that, we spent less than an hour in the treasury.

Some crazy wooden amulet?
Shiny, something (I forget what it was).
Chess set.
Ivory chest.
Portable dining set for two.
The theater was next and it was right next door and it is a very nice looking theater. There was only one other couple besides us, which made for some nice and empty pictures (not filled with tourists). There isn't anything to see outside of the theater, so, you can base your interest on visiting based on the pictures that we took.

Residenz Theater.
The garden next door is where we wandered next. The garden is very nice and well maintained. Free to wander.

Residenz Gardens.
We tried to get the rental car next but found out that we couldn't get it early, so we ended up going for dinner at Weisse Brauhaus. The food was good, still nothing really exceptional I would say. I ordered the wiener platter (Our Butcher's Platter) and the girls both got salads. I thought three of the five wieners were good. Two salads, wiener plate, and three pops set us back 50 ‎€.

Wiener plate and salad.
Salad #2.
We went to get the car and ended up with a minivan even though I paid for a sedan. We didn't have much choice since we wanted an automatic which is not common here. When we went to pick up the car, the car rental company wouldn't accept our photocopy passports as ID, luckily Tracey had her's, so you have been warned (or maybe we weren't lucky). After we got the mini van, we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

Huh, wonder where people normally touch.
I wasn't driving, but I noticed that things are a bit different here. Make sure to look at the ground for arrows, the lights are on the same side as the car (in Canada, it is on the opposite side of the street). This meant that it was harder to see the light changes. Although, I did like that they do a reverse light change. What I mean it, when it goes from red to green, it goes red, yellow, green, so you can prepare to go. I think this may be because everyone is driving manual transmission cars, so they have time to get ready.

Tomorrow, we head to Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace.

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