Friday, October 16, 2015

2015 - Eastern Europe Day 05 (Munich/Salzburg)

Today, the plan is to visit the Dachau, the concentration camp, return the rental car, and then head to the train station and head to Salzburg.

Our day started at 8:00am and we got to the camp by 9:10am, this included a stop over at the grocery store for breakfast snacks and lunch sandwiches (we do this for convenience since we don't know when/where we will have lunch). Since we were early, we got information at the visitor's center about the tour and we decided to visit Dachau castle which is nearby and included with our 14-day castle pass.

There is a McDonald's nearby and we stopped by so that I could get a drink, only to find out that their large is like our medium size. Here I thought I was getting a good deal since the prices seemed cheaper for their drinks. We headed to Dachau castle and unfortunately, it was under renovation. But you can visit the grounds in the back for free. There is a nice view of the surrounding area from the castle since it is higher than the surrounding area.

We headed back to Dachau and arrived at around 10:30am, 30 minutes before our tour, so we did our washroom breaks and wandered around for a bit and waited for our tour. We lucked out and found street parking, so we saved on paying for the parking lot. It cost us 3,00 € for a roughly 2.5 hour tour.

The tour actually lasted 2.5 hours (just like it was estimated). Our guide, Tobais, was really good. He brought us through most of the areas besides the churches and by the time we left, it was almost 2:00pm, so we headed to return the car. Driving in downtown was a bit messy due to construction and us not really knowing where to drop off the car (the pick-up location is different from our drop-off location and it was the 3rd floor of a parking garage), but we ended up returning the car on time and made it to our train to Salzburg.

Map of all known concentration camps.
Detention Cells.
Our stay in Munich was Freisinger Hof. It was a nice hotel, the breakfast is very good for the price, only 10 €, the variety of food there was astounding and I would rank it as my #1 favourite breakfast buffet. The distance to the city center is a bit far at 30 minutes by tram. The hotel staff was very friendly and spoke English well and was very helpful and they sold tram tickets. Parking is free but VERY tight especially since we got a minivan. Our room was roomy, no issues there. They provide you with a fruit bowl and a chocolate by your bed which were both refilled every day. If you are okay with it's location, it's a very good hotel.

Overall, I think Munich was an interesting city to visit. I'm not sure if I would have braved Oktoberfest, but it was fine without it. It was neat to see a city that was designed with public transportation in mind. In the downtown area, almost all roads have a section for pedestrians and a side for bicycles which made for very friendly transportation. 11,70 € allowed up to 5 people to use all forms of public transportation for one day (within the city center four rings). With 4.5 days, I didn't feel like we over stayed our welcome which is nice.

Our train ride was shorten by one stop due to the migrant issue. So, we stopped at Freissling and had to take a bus to Salzburg's main train station which added 45 minutes to our 2 hour train ride. But we did make it to Salzburg without issue. Salzburg dinner was very good at Humboldt. Ordered the three main courses and they were all very good, but I think Tiroler Grostl was the best, it was roast pork with potatoes and onions, served in a skillet.

Beer #4!
Zwiebelrostbraten (Pan Fried Beef Steak with potatoes).
Goulash with spatzle.
Tiroler Grostl (roasted pork with potatoes and onions) with a side salad.
After dinner, we wandered the city for a bit before calling it a night. Our hotel in Salzburg is Star Inn Salzburg Zentrum which is just on the other side of the main area.

Mozart rubber duckies.
Christmas/Easter store.
Salzburg fountain.
Tomorrow, we wander the city.

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