Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2015 - Eastern Europe Day 07 (Salzburg)

Last night, we heard that Eisriesenwelt was closed yesterday due to the weather, so this morning, we got up and went to tourist information to see if we could find out about the ice caves in Dachstein but unfortunately we didn't learn anything while there. So, we headed to the post office next door and began our day.

With the Salzburg card, we stopped by the Panorama Museum which is a museum with a panoramic painting of Salzburg. While it was interesting to see such a large panoramic painting, I wouldn't have stopped by if it wasn't included and I would say, look it up beforehand to see if you would be interested. There isn't much else inside besides the painting. Without the Salzburg card, it would cost 3 €.

Mirabell Gardens was next and boy, it is something. It is clear that a lot of Sound of Music fans come here because you could see where everyone is lining up to take pictures, whether it is at the steps or the trellis pathway. It is nice to see, oddly, another in the city castle that makes you feel like you are somewhere else. Free to visit, so have a look, it isn't very large, you can wander the place in probably 30 minutes. It also isn't very far away from the tourist area, just across the river depending on which side you are on.

Mirabell Gardens.
Me at the front of Mirabell Gardens.
Mirabell Gardens.
Next up was the Museum of Modern Art. Well, actually, just the elevator up to the museum, we didn't actually go inside. When you reach the top, you get to view Salzburg from above and it is quite nice, apparently this is another scene in the Sound of Music movie. Worth a stop. Also free with the Salzburg card.

After we did this, we returned to the hotel to book the car in hopes that we would still be able to get one for tomorrow. We found out the rate this morning and decided that for one day, we will just go with a manual transmission car since I would be fine driving for one day. They don't have as many automatic transmission options here, so you may want to book ahead if you want one. The price was 300% more for automatically, although it was a much nicer car. We headed to the Salzburg Cathedral [Dom zu Salzburg] after, it is nice inside and worth a peek (we try to visit the main church of a city) and it is free to visit.

Salzburg Cathedral.
Salzburg Cathedral.
Salzburg Cathedral.
Catacombs was next and this was a disappointment. I wouldn't bother going here since there is nothing to see, just two alcoves after a few sets of stairs, just wander around the outside inside.

Lunch was at Zwettler. The food was good, but in my opinion, Humboldt was better. Cost us 45 €.

Braised beef with onion sauce, croquettes and beans with bacon.
Roasted potatoes and meat.
Beef Goulash.
After lunch, we went to Fortress Hohensalzburg for the 1:30pm tour and it was neat. There is a nice panorama shot available and it is included with the Salzburg card. The tour lasted about 30 minutes and it is by audio guide although there is someone who guides you through the areas. The Rainer Museum was cool and had some interesting muskets. In all, we spent one hour and fifteen minutes here.

Cannon with munition.
Staring down the barrel of a cannon.
Art display.
Marionette display.
Cathedral Museums [DomQuartier Salzburg] was next and these were okay. Things were beginning to blend together for me and they have lost their awe because I have seen so many grand rooms by now with all the castles and palaces that we have seen. We spent about 45 minutes here and we saw everything. By the time we were done, it was 4:00pm.

After the cathedral museum, we got ice cream and headed back to the hotel for a break and came back out for dinner at Die Weisse.

Beer #8.
Braised beef with potatoes.
Roast pork with bread dumpling.
Spinach dumplings.
Dinner menu is getting very familiar by now. Ordered the roast pork, spinach dumplings which turned out to be spatzle with spinach sauce, and braised beef. Roast pork was my favourite dish. Total came to 50 ‎€ again.

Tomorrow, we visit Hallstatt for its picturesque views and salt mine, and Dachstein for the ice cave.

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