Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2015 - Pittsburgh Day 3 [Pittsburgh]

We switched up the breakfast this morning and just got cereal instead of their usual meat/egg/biscuits with gravy items.

Holiday Inn breakfast.
Heading home today and grove city outlet is our first stop. We didn't find much even though it is labour day weekend in USA as well. I only bought a pair of shorts at Columbia for $12. Allison didn't buy anything. Frankly, I think we are both a little disappointed by our findings in this mall. We have been here before and we never really got much.

We tried to head to Compadre's for lunch because it was recommended by my coworker, but unfortunately it wasn't open today probably due to the long weekend. We ended up stopping at a McDonald's since we saw an ad for their buttermilk chicken sandwich. It was actually surprisingly good in my opinion for a McDonald's sandwich. I wonder when it will come to Canada.

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich at McDonald's.
Next up is the spillway. Yes, we did this two days ago, but I thought we should visit it one more time since we wouldn't be back any time soon. It was a bit more of a success today. There were more fish but it isn't the insanity that I expected. If you want to see more fish, throw larger chunks of hard bread to eat vs sliced white bread. Since the hard bread doesn't dissolve as quickly, you will see fish swarm and fight for it longer, leading to larger packs of fish.

Linesville Spillway.
After the spillway we went to Hank's again for custard and we got the smores this time. It was okay, I think the pretzel one was better. Note that they close during fall/winter.

After that, we headed home and we had a 4 hour drive ahead of us. We didn't see anything else and we got back home just in time for dinner.

Thanks for joining me on our little roadtrip to Pittsburgh. Hope you enjoyed it.

Until next trip!

Tomorrow, a summary of our Pittsburgh trip.

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