Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 - Eastern Europe Day 17 (Prague)

Breakfast this morning was at McDonalds again since we wanted to collect a few more Mario todays today and we got the Mario and Luigi characters today and the Mario actually comes with a coin box that chimes when hit! Luigi doesn’t do anything though. Yesterday we got a Yoshi that was on wheels so you can pull it back and it will roll forward.

Kutna Hora.
The main train station is where we headed to next to go to Kutna Hora for the day. Our goal is to head to Kutna Hora before the tourists come and because of this, we opted for the earliest time possible which is slightly before 8:00am. The next possible times were slightly before 10:00am and then slightly before 12:00pm. The train ride took us an hour and fifteen minutes to complete.

Kutna Hora.
Once you get off at Kutna Hora, there is another train directly across from the stop that you need to get on to continue to the city centre. When buying your ticket, make sure that you get the ticket that takes you to Kutna Hora Mesto. There is a group discount at two people or more and it cost us 471  total for all three of us.

Kutna Hora.
Kutna Hora is a neat stop but now that I saw it, I don’t know if I would suggest making your way all the way here to see it. It cost 90  to go in and it is very small in size, so do try to make sure you are early, otherwise when it fills up, getting good photos without a lot of people in them will be difficult and it was beginning to get busy as we were leaving at around 9:45am.

Kutna Hora.
The city centre is where we headed to next and it took us roughly 40 minutes to get there on foot with us stopping at the local Albert supermarket to look for some snacks. It is an easy and flat walk, so it isn’t too bad, although there isn’t much to see along the way. It does get steep towards the end when you make it to the city centre though.

Lunch was at a random Vietnamese shop near the tourist information in the city centre and we got there at around 11:00am. The shop operator actually only spoke Vietnamese, so, I hope that is a good sign that the food will be good and I thought it was. The girls both got pho and I got some kebab with noodles dish. Three entrees and one drink cost us only 270  (roughly $14 CAD).

Kebab with noodles.
Lego Museum was up next and it was just next door and cost 120 . Tracey got lured in by the promises of cool Lego structures and she was probably inside for no more than 5 minutes and was finished, and while she said it was more or less what she expected, I don’t know if I would suggest going in since Allison and I didn’t bother and she didn’t say that we should go inside.
Balancing Lego heads!
Ended up walking to the Stone Fountain, Cathedral, and a few other buildings while we were in town (we asked for a map at tourist information and it outlines sights to visit). We didn’t go inside the Cathedral and in hindsight, we should have since it looked pretty neat from the outside. After looking at the sights, we made it back to the local train at 12:45pm but unfortunately, I guided us to the wrong train and we ended up going in the wrong direction, so make sure that you ask before boarding. With that, we ended up at Caslav (the next stoop) by accident and we had to spend about an hour there with nothing to do, although we did wander the local supermarket there for a bit. The trains are pretty infrequent, so you are in for a bit of a wait.

We made it back to Prague, got some stamps at the local post office and checked in to our new hotel at around 5:30pm (about 2 hours after we initially expected to be back due to the train mishap). We switched hotels because of a booking mistake, so we were short one day and we head to book an extra hotel for one night (last night). Marriott Longin Center is where we stayed last night and the place was really big with a nice size kitchen and a good sized washroom and living space. It is clear that this place is meant for long-term residents. It is a nice place and I have no issues suggesting it. There was no breakfast included in Marriott though.

Dinner was at U Ceskych Panu, a restaurant that we walked by and was recommended by our new hotel, 1. Republic, and we ordered the flank steak, last supper, and pork knuckle. The food was good but service needs work (common theme with the restaurants we’ve visited). The knuckle was very tender, the steak was chewy somehow, and the rib in the Last Supper was tender, but everything seemed to lack seasoning. They don’t accept credit card here and dinner ended up being 42 .

Beer #15?
Flank steak with potatoes (yes, this is the actual portion size).
Last Supper.
Pork knuckle.
Tomorrow, we go and do the castle (Pražský hradand wrap up anything missing before heading home the following morning.

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