Thursday, November 5, 2015

2015 - Eastern Europe Day 19 (Prague)

We woke up early and had breakfast before our taxi ride to the airport. Luckily they prepare breakfast slightly before 7:00am and we were the only ones there until we left.

The taxi ride took about 30 minutes from the hotel and we arrived at the airport at 7:45am. We got our boarding passes, baggage checked and past security just before 8:00am. So it was very quick  this morning. I wonder if it is always this quick here.

Our flight itinerary today is Prague to Munich with an hour and fifteen minute layover and then back to Toronto.

Our hotel was nice. Nicely decorated, helpful front staff who are there 24 hours. The breakfast is very nice for an included breakfast and I would rank it within my top 5 breakfast buffets that were included with our stay. There was no tub, but the washroom was a good size. I'm not sure why there is an anti-chamber room though. WiFi was spotty for all of us for some reason. It is in a very convenient location, just a short walk to the main attractions and a 15 minute walk from the main train station.

Hotel breakfast bread area.
Hotel breakfast fruits, croissants, spreads, and veggies area.
Hotel breakfast yogurt and cereal area.
Hotel breakfast veggies and fruits area.
Hotel breakfast meats and cheese area.
The plane was 15 minutes late and we arrived at roughly 10:45am. We had to go through passport control and had about 40 minutes to spare with our flight out being at 11:55am. I wasn't too worried but it seemed a bit close. By the time we went to the washroom and got a snack, we were able to board.

Allison's last pretzel.
Lunch and snack on board Lufthansa was quite good for an airline. I ordered the beef and Allison got the pasta and both were nice along with the salad and snack pastry included. After your meals you were given alcoholic drinks at no additional costs and between meals and snacks there was occasionally someone walking down the aisle serving drinks which was nice. I much preferred Lufthansa over Air Canada.

Pasta lunch on Lufthansa.
Beef lunch on Lufthansa.
Meatball snack on Lufthansa.
And that concludes our trip to Eastern Europe. Hopefully you enjoy reading and looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed it there. I will follow up with summaries for each city that we went to and include an overall summary at the end.

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