Wednesday, November 11, 2015

2015 - Eastern Europe Summary (Budapest)

Duration: 3.25 days (arrived in the evening on Wednesday September 23, 2015 to Saturday September 26, 2015)
Cost: Budavar Pension B&B (85 € per night), roughly 4,000 Forint per meal, admissions and transportation.

Highlights (in no particular order):

Our day trip to Janos Hill, a combination of everything that we did to get there and come back makes it my favourite item of our Budapest leg of our Eastern Europe trip. Starting with the Cog Railway, it is a train that takes you uphill and I assume the cog is what keeps the train in place due to how steep it goes. Then we switch to the Children's Railway which is a train that is partially operated by children who volunteer their time and they do things like signally, ticket validation, etc. We get to Elizabeth Lookout which was really nice although a bit hazy for us and finally we took the chairlift to get back down and took the bus back into the city for a nice morning side trip.

Cog Railway
Children's Railway
Elizabeth Lookout
View from Elizabeth Lookout
Us on the chairlift
Tracey on the chairlift
Széchenyi Thermal Bathes, while I personally don't see the appeal, it is definitely worth a try just to see what it is like and given that it was a rainy day when we went, it was a good way to spend the day and relax before our last leg of the trip.

Thermal bathes
Lowlights (in no particular order):

Nothing in particular left me disappointed here.

Must try food places:

Pizza Eataliano, as cheesy as it sounds, the food was actually surprisingly good and worth a stop. Again, note that the service isn't the greatest given that we were sent all the way to the top of the restaurant which has no servers there. You either need to be lucky and they came up to do a walk or you will need to go hunt them down to place your order. However, the food is quick and it was better than I expected, so much so that we came twice.

Pizza Eataliano
Pizza Eataliano
Szazeves Etterem, a restaurant that was recommended by Allison's brother who came a few weeks before us and I would agree and suggest it to others. There is actual service here, we happened to come on Friday evening and there is live music which was great. The food was very good and the waiter was very good with providing us with suggestions on what to try.

Liver on the left and pork medallions on the right
What would I change?

Personally, I think we could have made this section of the trips 2 days long and it would have been fine. Our last day was a bit of a waste since we didn't end up doing much and spent a fair amount of time wondering what to do, although this may have been due to the rain (it was raining all day during day 2 and 3).

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