Friday, January 15, 2016

Past POIs - Old Québec [Quebec City, Quebec, Canada]

Old Québec is a place we visited two years ago during the winter time and I thought it was very neat to revisit even though I do recall coming here a long time ago as a child.

Did you know that Old Québec is the only walled city north of Mexico and it is a UNESCO world heritage site as of 1985? Or that here lies the site of the first permanent French settlement in North America dating back to 1608 when it was discovered by Samuel de Champlain? And that it is home to Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, North America's oldest stone church dating back to 1688?

Château Frontenac
There are a lot of things to see here, Château Frontenac, built in 1893 overlooks the St. Lawrence River and the Dufferin Terrace, which has an awesome toboggan slide in the winter which can reach speeds of up to 70 km/hr. Stop by the funicular, built in 1879, which connects Lower Town to Upper Town. Visit the Parliament Building, built between 1877 and 1886, on Parliament Hill

Mural in Old Québec
Stop by Battlefields Park, which is 103 hectares (1.03 km²) of green space right in the heart of Quebec City. And if you like, you can learn about the history behind this battlegrounds while you are there.

St. Lawrence River
If you come by during winter time, they host Carnaval de Québec (Quebec's Winter Carnival) which has been running annually since 1955. Bonhomme is their mascot and every year, they have a different Bonhomme figure which you tie to your jacket to show that you are allowed in. It is a paid event, however, it runs for 17 days usually late January to mid-February and the figure is good for the entire time.

Lower Town
While I think based on how we visited Old Québec, you can probably do everything within a day, it is nice to see an area that has so much history to it. I definitely think that it is worth visiting if you never have, and definitely try out the toboggan slide if you have a chance.

Dufferin Terrace Slide
Dufferin Terrace Slide
Come back next Friday for another Past Point of Interest!

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