Friday, March 18, 2016

Past POIs - Ostia Antica [Rome, Italy]

During our trip to Rome, we visited Ostia Antica since we had some extra time while we were in Rome and it was found as a potential day trip from Rome and I would say is worthwhile if you don't plan to visit Pompeii, maybe it is worth it to visit it INSTEAD of Pompei. It may not quite have the same level of historical important and popularity, but I felt that due to its location, it provides us, as tourist, a much better idea of how things were in the past.

How so? Well, while it is similar to Pompeii, there are SIGNIFICANTLY less tourists. By this, I mean there was at least a 1:50 ratio, and so, if you want to just wander and explore at your leisure without tourists disrupting your enjoyment whether it is taking in the scenery or taking pictures with less/no people in the background, it is entirely possible to do so here. If you try this in Pompeii, it will be impossible.

Ostia means 'mouth' in Latin and it is next to the river Tiber which meant that it is at the mouth of Tiber. Antica means 'ancient'. Ostia Antica is said to have been established in 7th century BC with most of the currently visible buildings being from 3rd century BC. Given how old the buildings are, it is quite surprising how well they seem to be kept to this day.

It was made primarily as a naval base due to its location but when the importance of a naval base lessened, it became a commercial harbour where people would come here for trade. This would explain all the houses, what appears to be shops and even the amphitheater that they have.

To get here from Rome, get to the Piramide station which is located on Metro Line B. Exit the metro and go up at the north end of the tracks, at your left you'll see another set of train tracks, this is for the ROMA-LIDO train. Take this to the Ostia Antica station which should take roughly 30 minutes and it is just a short walk from there station. There is a pedestrian bridge to cross and it should be fairly easy to s

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