Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 - Washington Day 4 (Washington / Hershey)

Last night, after some debating about what we should do, whether to go home early or make something of our last day here, today's plan is to visit Hershey's Chocolate World and then head home.

Hershey's Chocolate World
Hershey's Chocolate World
Hershey's Chocolate World
We arrived at Hershey's Chocolate World at around 10:30am and ended up here for an hour. This was with us just taking pictures, doing the tour (which is free) and shopping. The tour was neat, it was a tram ride where you sit in a ride that goes through the process of chocolate making. While on the ride, you will experience things like the smell of chocolate or the warmth of roasting chocolate. I thought that it was an interesting experience even if it is more geared towards kids. Overall, I feel that I probably could have spent maybe another 30 minutes there looking at all the goods that they have for sale and just wander around but an hour is a good amount of time. I was surprised by the amount of different chocolates that they have there, the types of Reese's, Kisses, and Hershey along with other brands is pretty large. Also available here are 4 other attractions, the trolley ride, 4D movie, create your own candy bar, and chocolate tasting experience, all of which have a cost to and it adds up really quickly. So, if you like, you probably could spend a morning or afternoon there.

Hershey's Chocolate World
Hershey's Chocolate World
Hershey's Chocolate World
Hershey's Chocolate World
A short drive from Hershey's Chocolate World is The Soda Jerk Diner & Dairy Bar, a local diner which we went to for lunch. It has a very old diner vibe to it and the food was good. The menu is extensive and they were surprisingly open on Easter Sunday. I don't think I would return, but at the same time, if I didn't see anything else, I would go back. I got the prime rib which was only $16 (if I remember correctly) and it includes a soup or salad starter, the prime rib with choice of side (which I got mini potato pancakes) and a dessert. Allison got ultimate meatloaf, which also includes a starter and dessert for roughly $15. The portions are large as expected. With lunch complete, our ETA to the Peace Bridge is 5 hours and 20 minutes from the diner.

Soup on the left, salad on the right
Prime rib on the left, meatloaf on the right
Ice cream!
We made one more stop and made it to an Apple Bee's for dinner. They still have the 2 for $20 and 2 for $25 dinner special. This time, we got the chicken wonton tacos, cedar grilled lemon chicken, and the quesadilla burger. All of which we thought were good. While Apple Bee's is also another place we don't necessarily need to return to, we would if we were short on options. Bonus is that now they have free WiFi!

Wonton tacos
Chicken on the left, quesadilla burger on the right
Made it to the Peace Bridge and did some duty free shopping and got to the border at around 9:00pm. 9:00pm on Easter Sunday and there was NO line at all. Yup, we were the only car in the line that we ended up choosing. This trip had the shortest border crossings possible! I was asked where we went, how long, what we bought, and liquor and we were good to go. We made it back home at around 11:00pm and returned the rental roughly 30 minutes late which we had to pay an extra hour for at Enterprise. Now we know for next time!

Chilling with Mr. Daniels
That completes the Washington DC trip. I feel that it was a good trip, like Chicago and Montreal, we had some good food, saw some neat things, and it was a good time. The ride back this time did not seem as long for me, but it might be because I was sleeping more in the van this time compared to last time.

Until our next trip!

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